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At SOS Clean Water, we are a non-profit organization that raises money to facilitate construction projects that develop safe drinking water for developing worlds. View some of our services to see what some of these projects consist of. We would appreciate any donations to help our cause.    Contact us today for more information.

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What Have We Done?

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In November 2013, SOS Clean Water had its first fundraising event. With the funds raised from local community members and businesses such as Tima Hair Braiding, we were able to build our very first well in the village of Fimana in Ivory Coast of West Africa. From having to walk two miles each way to gather dirty muddy water for their families to walking a few steps for clean clear water is our greatest accomplishment thus far.

20140107 115615 90004On January 1st-12th 2014, our Founder Mamadou Berte traveled to Seguela in Ivory Coast with SOS Clean Water’s local board members, where they were greeted by the regional council of Worodougou, then by Massala’s town Mayor Karamoko Traore. From Seguela, they traveled sixty-five miles to the inner town of Fimana, where the well would be built.

Upon arriving in Fimana with the Mayor, Berte and the board members of the non-profit organization of the Ivory Coast were greeted by the community. It was then that he would tell the people of Fimana that they would have access to clean, potable water in their town; and they would no longer have to travel far distances to collect unsanitary water.  Along with the board members of the non-profit organization of the Ivory Coast, Berte and the community of Fimana waited two more weeks for the well to be completed.

Upon completion of the well, the community celebrated with Berte with food, music, and dance. SOS Clean Water is now in partnership with The Regional Council of Seguela, Ivory Coast. The chief of the village was the first person to pump water from the well. Each family will put up a small fee every month to ensure the wells’ sustainability, as well, an engineer has been hired to check the wells’ water levels and ensure the water quality every six months.

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